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At Applause, we leverage cutting-edge technology to offer advanced quantitative research services. Our expert team is dedicated to transforming complex data into actionable insights, enabling confident decision-making. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including project management, sample access, recruit management, list matching, and extensive programming options, to meet all your research needs. Our panel, comprising leading specialists and decision-makers, ensures the delivery of reliable, high-quality data. With seamless integration across custom and DIY platforms, efficient honorarium management, and access to the right respondents, we make your research process smooth and effective. Our expertise extends to audience refinement and offering strategic consultation on survey methodologies, guiding you to collect valuable insights for informed business decisions. Discover how our solutions can drive the success of your research projects.

Online Sample Services

At the heart of our business is an extensive international panel network, offering a depth and breadth of sample that matches the industry's largest online panels. This network is our foundation for delivering unparalleled market insights across a diverse global landscape.

  • Healthcare Panel
  • B2B Panel
  • Consumer Panel
  • Global Reach
  • Versatile Research Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Demographic
  • Precision Targeting

Data Collection Expertise

Our expertise at Applause encompasses a broad spectrum of data collection methods, each designed to cater to diverse research needs with utmost versatility and accuracy. This extensive range allows us to adapt to various research scenarios, ensuring that the data we gather is precise and relevant.

  • Online Interviews
  • Mail Surveys
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Central Location Tests

Comprehensive Research Services

We understand that the scope of research projects often extends beyond mere data collection for projects that require more than just data collection, we offer a suite of additional research services designed to meet your comprehensive project needs. Our range of specialized services includes:

  • Survey Programming
  • Data Processing
  • Translation Services
  • Coding
  • Validation
  • Handling all aspects of physical survey
  • Data Visualization
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis

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